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Modo Mio is a place of moments. 

Since 1985, we have been serving both quality interpretations of classic Northern Italian dishes.

Northern Italian cuisine is characterized by a lesser use of sauces and overall a lighter and healthier style of cooking. Northern Italian main courses often reflect people's pride in their unspoiled countryside and are likely to include a nice variety of meats and poultry. Seafood and shellfish are very popular on the coast. The overall rule is "if it grows or lives well in the area, then it can make it onto the table".

George wants to continue to live the magical and unforgettable atmosphere of an authentic family style. A traditional seasonal cuisine, healthy and generous in its flavors, ancient recipes based only on fresh and high quality products, served in a warm and friendly atmosphere, here is the secret of a real good Italian kitchen.

From Val d'Aosta and Piemonte to Lombardia, Veneto and Liguria, let us take you on a journey through the flavors of Northern Italy.

Grazie e Arrivederci a Presto!